How it works

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We've got your back

Meet your new best friend

Grow your client base by leveraging your dedicated Partner Manager. Stay current on all the latest Dropbox features and integrations.

Grow your business

Partners receive a recurring revenue share of on their clients' Dropbox for Business accounts. Enroll in the Partner Network today to find out more.

Become a Dropbox authority

Get access to training specifically designed for partners. You'll receive training on product, sales, marketing, and deployment.

Join the inner circle

Get on the VIP list

We take care of our best partners. Get featured to customers, invited to events and of course, some Dropbox swag. Apply to the Partner Network to learn more.

Know what’s up

Check out Dropbox's newest products before they're released. Our team will keep you updated on upcoming features and connect you with our product team.

It’s your business, we’re here to help

Do it your way

Use our client management console to register leads, purchase accounts and manage your clients. Dropbox partners own the billing and support relationship by remaining the client's main point of contact.

Be a hero to your clients

For each client account, you'll gain partner administrator level access in order to manage and deploy Dropbox across the organization. Use your expertise to educate them on advanced Dropbox for Business features.


What are the economics for a partner?
After you're approved as a partner, we will let you know more. Apply here!
Is the program available in all countries?
The program is only available in the US, Canada, European Union, New Zealand, Australia and Israel. We are continuing to work to bring our program to more and more regions.
Do I get a free account to play around with?
Absolutely...come see what all the fuss is about.
Which Dropbox products can I market and sell?
Dropbox for Business is the only product eligible for our Partner Network benefits.
Where do I register my deals?
You can register your deals in the partner portal once you have been approved as a partner.
Why would a client purchase through a partner?
You know your clients best. As a service provider, you want to be the central point of contact for your client on all applications that they use. Dropbox should be in your toolkit. Once your clients know that you can provide them with Dropbox for Business, they will be excited!
How do I get trained on the product?
We provide training videos in our portal as well as specialized trainings in conferences and webinars.
How do I get in touch with support?
The partner portal has information on how to contact us. Please apply here.